Discursos desde los Márgenes: Mujer y Arte de Acción en la Galicia Contemporánea

Carlos Tejo analiza el trabajo creativo de María Roja

domingo, 06 de outubro de 2019
Discursos desde los Márgenes: Mujer y Arte de Acción en la Galicia Contemporánea

Discourses from the margins: Women and Performance Art in Contemporary Galicia
Carlos Tejo Veloso

This article presents an analysis of contemporary performance art carried out by women in Galicia; a complex issue if we consider that the nature of the discipline is a practically unexplored matter. Our reflection begins by defining the typology and particularities of Galician performance art. After that, we address the performance art context in Galicia and, finally, we examine the production of three artists that we consider essential: María Marticorena, Ana Gesto and María Roja. Our methodology emerges from a thorough search of available bibliographic resources, updated fieldwork through interviews, and tracking of photographic and videographic documentation. We have opted for a qualitative interview, focused on the artists analysed in the article which can be consulted as "Annex I", attached at the end of the text. This article unveils performance art that starts in the second half of the first decade of the new century, with the almost exclusive presence of women developing heterogeneous themes but influenced by the Galician cultural context. They haven’t had institutional support or been part of self-management movements, so frequent in other parts of Spain.

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